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Thanks Mad Mullet


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Will keep this short and sweet !!

I just want to say a big thanks to Kurt for helping me out with my trailer/wheel bearings!!

Not only did Kurt stock me up with bearings, bearing buddies and other bits and pieces, he also came over this arvo

and helped me change them over.

Was great to have someone show me how it's done and help me get them sorted

It's actually quite a straight forward process, just a little bit of time and a lot of mess lol

Thanks again mate :)

Gotta love the AFO spirit !!

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its good someone is willing to help out .


really is any of this that hard .....................no .

Well obviously its harder to some than others.

its like anything, if you have never done it, its hard, but once you have done it acouple of times, it becomes second nature....

no probs manni, atleast you have peice of mind now and we will do them again in the near future so it stick in your head. :):)

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