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Chasing the Austalian Salmon


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Hey Guys,

The last couple of days i been down at nsw around Wollongong. Trying to get my first Australian Salmon. After 20min of fishing off the rocks, i get my first salmon, But it took about 5 hours of travelling time to get there. I got a few nice salmon, but my camera broke so i didnt get a pic of all of them.




I have hit one of the 3 target species for my holidays so far, lets bring on the next 10 days :) Also im sorry if this is in the wrong area, i could find the South of qld section.

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Nice one mate! Nice not having to use gangs isn't it ;)

Also, I guess it was meant for the interstate section - no harm done sure the mods will move it.

Heres to many more shenanigans over the coming 10 days!

Shenanigans are ok, just keep the Tom foolery out of it ok !

Il get my salmon this winter .... :evil:

Cheers shenanigans

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