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New to the site and state!


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Hi guys,

Im new to Brissy last year and moved up to Scarborough. Firstly, QLD is MUCH better than Melbourne....but I never said that :cheer: .

The fishing is better, the people are generally nicer, the drivers.....well I wont start on that but Im loving it up here.

Ive fished the Woody Point pier with great success, landing a 45kg eagle ray on a 3kg rod (Gotta love a foul hook up :woohoo: ). Catching Sand Crabs is something new to me as well.

Ive heard good things about the Tailor run that hits the Brissy coastline each year and I want in on it, thing is though, that Ive never really done beach fishing for anything! Tried salmon fishing down in Melbourne for no success. Can anyone enlighten me on some good places to go up around my area (Scarborough)? I still havent tried fishing the rock walls at Shields St etc. Hopefully Ill get out over the weekend.

If anyone can shed some light on the situation, it would be muchly appreciated!



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Welcome to the site mate. We have a bream social coming up at the end of this month and guess what... It's based in your backyard!

Check out the groups section of the site (under the community tab) and see the events. There is also a tailor social in August.

These socials will be a great way to put names to faces which also usually dramatically improves the information exchange.


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