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Sick day at NPD.


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Got a bit confused with the new index setup but worked it out in the end.

Back to post.

I went to NPD this morning and son and granddaughter were getting stuck into the tilapia.

I was decidedly sick for the first hour as I only caught one fish whilst watching son and more so Erin the granddaughter slaughtering them.

I moved around and still couldnt fine a fish so I tried Andrews trick of rattling the anchor to see if I could put them off the bite and ease my pain.

Didnt work they still continued to catch them and I got a slimy turtle.

I tried another spot and found them at last but couldnt show off as Andrew and Erin had left. ( Couldnt stand my wingeing)

Ended up with a few so left happy.




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Back again for more today, took heavier rods this time.

Erin did very well on her 4 to 6 kg glass rod, nice and whippy tip to take the shock, plenty of beef for dragging them in. I struggled with my 6kg graphite rod, kept pulling hooks when they got close to the boat, rod tip not soft enough to take the shock when they took off.

Was even taking her own fish off the hook, putting it on the brag mate and taking her own photos before baiting up again today.

Had nothing at all to do with me sulking up the other end of the boat about all my dropped fish :)

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