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Lure retrievals in the canal


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Here are my favorites, nothing special, just basic retrieves, but hopefully it helps someone using the Search function one day to find this information

What's your favorite retrievals in the canal with a

Soft plastic: Twitch twitch pause/sink, wind up slackrepeat

Blade/ vibe: Lift, let it sink, wind up slack

Shallow diving HB: slow roll, pause

Deep diving HB:Slow roll, with some jerks to make it dive into the sand occasionally

Walk the dog surface lure:Seriousley?? :whistle:


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hey dude where do you live, you seem to fish the Raby bay canals a lot, if i'm honest with you i find those canals seriously difficult to fish, i've lived within walking distance of them for a year now, fished them possibly 30 times, could tell you on two hands the fish i've caught there on lures and grinner is one so that tells you!

I tend to get away from them and try other areas more,

if you live in cleveland PM me your address and ill text you when i'm heading out and pick ya up!


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