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mega jack and more on a ripper of a day

Zim man

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sup AFO'ers

i had the oppotunity to hit the river mouth with biggles (alan) this morning. hit the water at sunrise and made our way to super duper spot X.

Al was using a monster miki 4.5 inch in white, i had a ripper 4 inch in trusty skin blue. Al was first on board with a WTF special. a flounder and a first for the area




next i was on and it took off like a rocket, got it to the boat and its a nasty fish


then my next cast and a strong hit and that fish is off, i thought is was another mullett so i tightened the drag and skull dragged it until i saw it was my Nemesis, a fish i have long hoped to catch without chasing them. loosened the drag and soon enough another fish to scratch of my 2012 bucket list was done




That colour ripper now has my pb snapper, jew and Giant herring

then alan produced a master class of fishing and whipped me good.

first of, on 6lb line with 10lb leader, he landed this beast going 60cm. It was one of the best fights i have seen in ages and destroyed the Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts lure.


then two of these




this this weirdo who was massive


we then got 3 pike, a few squire, one of which was on my crackjack which ticked off another goal of landing snapper on hardbodies. I also got broken off by a slightly bigger snapper


plus a few tailor and a dart



All up we landed 10 species and about 17 fish in a few hours. Alan destroyed me the skipper with 11 fish to 6, my second successive whipping in the last month by deckies.


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