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NPD where have all the Tilapia Gone?


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Took Graham to NPD this morning.

I had guaranteed him that he would catch a heap of tilapia.

Well what a flop.

Tried lots of usual spots but we were not alone as Son and granddaughter ,Ken Woodley and a couple of yakkers were also searching in vain. Granddaughter resorted to fishing for gar to avoid donut.

I then checked my shrimp traps which have been sitting for a couple of weeks and got around 15 odd shrimp and we moved to a spot that sometimes produces a yella or bass or two.

Graham had a monumental tangle in his line so I dropped a shrimp over and was immediately rewarded with a yella.

Graham remained on a donut.

It was great to catch some fish that you can legally eat.

Was chatting to a bloke at the ramp who was fishing for gar and he told us that he has caught toga off the ramp this week. One on a lure and 2 on his gar rig.




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gotta love the yellas! Seems people are starting to catch a few nice fish from the ramp area, including a few redclaw too. After one of our trips last year, i spoke to 2 guys fishing next to the ramp who were doin alright with a few smaller bass there too.

Good to see the fish up close, for landbased fishos.

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