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Monduran 27/10/12 to3 /11/12 Vancancies,


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Graham Pflaum and myself are looking at booking a cabin at Monduran from 27.10 to 3/11.

Full moon is 29/10.

Cost of cabin is $900 for the week plus $17 for every person over the first 2.

The barra seem to be coming back but not many meterys at this stage.

Graham will be taking his boat and i will be his decky.

Graham will be in double bed and I will be in middle bunk so lower and nupper bunks avail.

Check your holiday rosters.

If you wish to come an immediate deposit of $100 will be required and if you change your mind or cant come the onus will be on you to onsell. Sorry about this condition but I have has too many hassles in the past.

Full details about the lake and park avail here.



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