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Lost World Eat Your Heart Out - Report and Some Pics Up!


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Been a while between bass sessions for me, especially with all this rain, so a plan was hatched with Ant to try and get onto a few, particularly trying to nail a few on surface!

Organized to rendezvous at the launch spot at 5.30, so that we could be up in our chosen hole by around 6 for sunrise.

Got there 10 minutes early because I had to rig my rods, and by 25 to 6 when there was still no Ant, swung him a text, only to wake him up! :/ . He was tempted to pull the plug because he knew he would miss the surface bite, but a bit of peer pressure goes a long way! Knowing he was on his way, I set off and fished the earlier pools, saving the most promising until he arrived. Was a picture perfect morning with the first rays of light pushing through the mist rising off the water, however the fishing was quite slow. Got a text from Ant saying he'd arrived, and as I paddled back to the launch, managed one small bass that took the lure as it landed.

With Ant in tow, we headed vitally straight up to our favourite looking pool, where I landed another 2 and Ant dropped another one or two. Having not been any further up than this pool, we decided to do some exploring instead of heading off to a different spot. We went through 3 or 4 long shallow pools before stumbling across more fishy ground, a deep pool (1.5-2.5 metres) with a bank in the middle, absolutely littered in fallen timber. 2 or 3 casts in and I had a fish chase my chugga right up to the boat, and watched it have a crack at it boat side - AWESOME! Missed the hookup, but a few casts later threw in amongst the timber, 5 or 6 turns in hooked up to something solid which took 15-20 metres of drag and wrapped me 3 or 4 times. Guessing a ~50cm bass, although I still have hopeful inklings of a stray cod!

Few more casts around the place and we moved on. From here the day becomes a bit of a blur, with good pools, bad pools, LOTS of carrying, dragging and cursing. But here go some highlights:

Being wrapped for 6 or 7 minutes by a fish, after it took me straight back under its log. Free spooled it a few times and it took line, but seemed to get jammed when I tried to pull it back out.

Few more casts around the place and we moved on. From here the day becomes a bit of a blur, with good pools, bad pools, LOTS of carrying, dragging and cursing. But here go some highlights:

Being wrapped for 6 or 7 minutes by a fish, after it took me straight back under its log. Free spooled it a few times and it took line, but seemed to get jammed when I tried to pull it back out. Free spooled it one last time while I stripped off to take a dip, and noticed the fish moving off a bit faster then usual. Took up the slack, and up pops a bass! A nice troublemaking little 35cm fish, that I thought I had no chance of getting in. Amazingly the 6lb leader wasn't that scuffed either!

5 or 6 times, I physically saw the fish come up and hit the lure. I spent almost the whole day trying out a few new Austackle lures (Chugga and Panikku), both of which run just below the surface. Was awesome awesome stuff to see how they come up behind the lure and then nail it.





Also hooked up 3 or 4 times right beside the yak, and twice right under Ant's yak. He also got to watch a fish come up and follow the Panikku the first cast I threw it.

Whilst mid-retriece, spotted a bass sitting in a snag directly below me - didn't say anything to Ant so I could nail it next cast (forever generous), only to hook up to another fish while I was still watching it! So a quick yell to Ant, who throws a cast in right behind my yak, and hooks up! Double hookup, you beauty!

Whilst having a quick flick on foot between portages, Ant ends up with his lure a few feet up a tree (read: 11 feet) and I thought I'd be a good guy and get it down for him.... Long story short, I end up in water, lure still in tree.... :blush:

However being the good guy I am, I jump back in the yak and have another shot at retrieving his overpriced piece of plastic, and sure enough down it comes! Although I don't think he was that grateful, he did lose it later in the day...

We managed a multitude of double hookups throughout the day, tried to get a few.... "unique" photos of them. But twice Ant managed to release his before we even got a photo :pinch:



Ant also nailed a fish in some super skinny water - when sideways in his yak it was about half a metre from each edge, and the water would have been 2 foot deep at most!



He also managed to catch the smallest fish of the day as his first, and the biggest fish of the day... On his last cast!!

And pull 4 fish out of the one snag!

And catch the mother of all turtles!

All in all, an awesome day out - covered about 7.8-8km (thanks to that google maps machine) over about 12 hours, although very little of this was actually paddling! Will definitely have to hit these stretches again, hopefully be able to get permission from a property owner or two to save some of the walking!

Ant's got most of the pics, will throw up a few that are on my phone though.

Final tally:

Who cares!

Cheers if you made it this far!

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Maybe try cutting it into notepad and then into the forum.

You have to appreciate that security systems like this prevent endless spamage from scammers.


Yeah mate can understand the reasoning behind it, still sucks though :silly:

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Yep, I was late ;) Once I finally arrived and met with Jords it took a little bit for me to get into it and I was pretty chuffed to have broken the donut with that little bass, to be honest from then on it sort of becomes a bit of a blur :lol: Once we worked out what the fish wanted we just kept at that and nailed them, at some points it was almost too easy and we'd just point at the spot and pull out a bass. Highlights for me were definitely the amount of double hookups we got and I think we ended up with about 5-6, pulling that bass out of some pretty skinny water was awesome and to manage 3 fish from the one snag was simply brilliant. I used a Pontoon 21 Crackjack shallow runner for the whole day until it was donated to a bass and then I switched to an Atomic in a similar colour, that's all I caught my fish (and turtle :blush: ) on.


view not far from the launch spot



Jords hooked up


the result, it inhaled that chugger



hooked up to the tearaway bass (or cod?)


sexy haha


another little fella



beautiful dark colouration


show off


hooked up in tight country


he got it, unlike myself


skinny water


on the chugga again


on the panniku


one of mine on the atomic


another double hookup


us being stupid lol


more skinny stuff

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And a few more from Jords' camera


One of my biggest of the day, caught on a P21 lure thankyou very much



a pb turtle for me



Apologies for the quality on the pics, we were honestly just having too much fun to worry about getting great photos. That session yesterday would have to be my most memorable session yet and I cannot wait to get back there, I might even be on time next time :whistle:

Thanks very much for reading,


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