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Noosa Yakkers Easter Success


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Baptism wrote
do you know when they will be heading out next?

No idea mate. They had 13 people so I assume it took a while to organise.

They Noosa Yakkers, get out pretty much whenever the weather suits a launch @ Middle Groyne, I have been trying to sort out a day to get up there, and will probably get up there when I get back from Fraser Island....... It makes for a pretty long day though, driving up from Brissy and back later that day.... but I reckon it would be worth it!

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The tuna are well and truly on the chew up there at the moment so over the coming weekends I'll be looking at going so will post it up here and anyone else can tag along, just make sure you're prepared to paddle or peddle and are comfortable with open water other than that it shouldn't be too hard to hook onto something and get towed around.



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They get out whenever they can. I have only been up there a handful of times but Kev and the boys are most accomodating. Same as the Palmy boys. Out and in before work, weather permitting. The launch is generally easier than Palmy and I have launched a few times with rods fully rigged standing up in the back holders as there was no break to worry about.

You will need a trolley as there is a track down to the waters edge along some bitumen so dragging is not an option.

I would be up there more often if it wasn't for the 2hr drive in the early morning from my joint.

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Runty wrote
or saturady sounds good

Yep, Saturday is good for me too. We might get more people to come along on a Saturday.

Saturday good for me too guys, as is most Thursday and Friday arvos. Have launched there a couple of times, only caught sharks, was targeting mackeral. Went by myself, keen to try with other yakkers.



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