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Afew upgrades to the boat - need your opinion


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hey all.

Well ive pulled the decks out of my tinny and rebuilding them again.

I built all the casting decks around a year ago,so since then ive got abit more of a idea.

I took them off and will be carpeting them :side: ( before i just had a mat sorta thing that i pulled on and off.

Ive also got some more 'L' shaped brackets which i put on the seats so the decks are all lined up and not sticking up laying on top of the seats.

Also was thinking of chukcing a 'bass seat' up the front? anyone know what they are really called? just a seat which is small and on a pole thingy :whistle: dont wanna spend a heap, maybe Aussie123 might have some??

Might even chuck in a side casting deck? just for abit more room and storage - anyone know where a good place to get marine ply off cuts from> only need about 123cm x 43cm .

/ anyone know where i can get cheap 2nd marine cartpet northside? WayneD gave me a Ph numbber but dont know where the ad is to get it! haha, but somewhere abit closer on the northside would be awesome. - Bri the pom has a mate know had some, not sure if he still does. ive PM'd him and texted him but no reply. WHERE ARE YOU BRI! :whistle: :P;)

hmm what else...

Ohh yeah, was thinking about giving the boat a nice blue or red paint job ;) ( maybe blue so it matches well with the seat and ill get some blue cartpet.

hmmm think thats about it?

oh might chuck a back deck in aswell for storage if i can find the wood.

:lol: Cheers Runty B)

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I barely use my lean seat in my boat. I always keep forgetting I have it. Sounds stupid I know. But u can but the seat from bcf for $40. I have a brand new lean seat pole for sale.it's a proper one designed for lean seats and is height adjustable. All u need is the boat and seat adapters. Could buy the whole lot for under 120 I'd say

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under floor esky is a great idea. Its 1 less thing you have taking up room on your decks.

yup i did this and have been happy with the setup. 70L blue poly esky at the same height as rear decks. plenty of space and easy access to ice, fish, etc.


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