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easter round up with good mates, report done


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a weekend with good mates

as the title says, i spend the long weekend with some good mates and a new one as well.we planned to hit bribie island friday and saturday to do some shrk fishing from the beach. we arrived on the beach around 11.00 and unpacked the car,and started seting up the rods, reels, wire traces ect. by about 12.30 we had 3 rods and sand bags ready to go. at around 1.30, the ranger pulled up next to us, got out of the car and had a good chin wag to us and said if you plan to stay hear, i would go over the other side of the creek up on the dune as their is big tides tonight and your car will get washed away. so we packed the truck back up and headed to where the rangers said it will be safe. we then once again unpacke the truck and kept setting up the rods.

by the time we finished rigging baits, making sand bags, it was around 2.30. the swell was starting to increase and the race was on to get the baits out. i said to the boys, nik, rob and ross, guys, so who is on the back of the jetski to help me deploy baits. they all looked at each other and i said, come on, dont all jump in at once. nik looked a me, then at the 1.5-2m surf and said, yeh, i will. we put on our life jackets as rob reversed down the trailer to the water and we launched the ski. iu gave nik afew quick lessions about what not to do on a ski like dont lean to much to one side otherwise you will roll us, dont stand behind the ski while getting ready to launch it, cause if a big wace hits the ski, the ski will smash into you and injure you very badly.

so we got a small break in the swell and headed out. as we got to the breaker i said hold on, a split second later we were over the first wave. i looked back to see how he was going, and he wasnt there, so i rode the next wave in. this happened several times going over and threw the waves. by the time we had taken 2 baits out, he was stuffed. these 2 bait took us around 2 hrs to deoploy cause he kept falling off. so rob said i will give it a go. so rob put the jacket on and jumped on the back of the ski, and at this stage the swell had rose to the 2m mark consistantly and to make things worse, the waves were very close to gether and they were shore dumpers as well :sick: :sick: . off we went. we hit the first wave perfect, but go to the second one just as it was breaking. hold on, crash as we wnt through the wave. as we came out the other side, i looked back to see how rob went, but no rob. i rode the next wave in and he said, nah stuff that, i need some practice on the back of a ski. so he then handed the jacket to ross. now ross being new to shark fishing and was watching what was going on, i could only amagine what was going threw his mind. he hopped on and off we went. he fell off first time and when i picked him back up, he said to me, i am pritty sure i no what to do now. we set of once again and he handled it like a champ. we got the other 4 baits our with ease.

so the wait is on. we settled down at camp and looked over the 6 rods. rob, nick, ross, nils g/f jess, ash and i were all starting to get hungry. sp ash and rod decided to make dinner. ash made mexican chilly wraps and rob cooked stead to have with his potato salad. at around midnight, nick turns to me and siad, dood, where is your glow stick, i cant see it. we ran down the beach to hear the penn intanational 80w howling in pain as line was dissapearing. i picked up the rod and set the hooks. i was on, rod bucket over and line peeling of the reel. i called for the gimble and back brace so nik ran the 150m back to the truck and then back down again threy the soft sand. by the time he got back to be and put the back brace and gimble on me, their wa approx 1/4 of the spool left, thats around 200-250m of 80lb line max. i got afew goo pumps in and then it took of again, and seconds later the weight dissapered. i would all the line back in and the last 15m was all frayed.

we got another run around 2.00 but missed the hookup. at this satge it was perfect conditions so ross and i decided to do another bait run. this time it only took us 2-3mins to run 2 baits. it was very quite for the rest of the night with only 1 other short run. morn ing came and decided to call it quits aound 9.00. we reeled in all the baits and i had a 10 odd kg sting ray out on the 80w triton. it had perfect bite marks in the raw of around 30cm jaw width, also hundred of teeth marks where it had been chopmoing on the bait so quit some time leaving the coating on the trace and the tape on the crimps quite scuffed and chewed up, so it had been siting on the bait for some time.

it funny seeing all the people slowing rite down or evan stoping to have a good chat to us when they see all the big game reels set up in their rod holders. but tipically their has to always be 1 person that is rood and doesnt give 2 hoots about what he does. when we were packing up the car at low tide, their was 2-3m frome the water 2 the rods, then we were 2m away from the rods, then their was 50m of hard sand above the car and then the soft sand above that. so we were not taking up the beach. this guy narrowly missing nick drove straight threw 2 of our lines ( like you cant see fluro orandge line ). luckly only one got caught and scuffed the line up quite bad.

anyway, evan though we didnt land any sharks, it was still a good trip out with mates, g/f's and wifes....

a little clip rob put together









4 beacons

monday morning saw brrad and i crossing a beautiful moreton bay heading for the 4 beacons. we arrived at the south tri-pod beacon rite on sunrise and started to jigging live bait. the slimies and yellow tail were ver thick with most drops coming up with 2-6 fish on them. we were evan getting serverly attacked and half chopmed lives come up. we put down 1 livie on the down rigger, 2 on no#8 ball sinkers and put a 5kg striped tuna ( shark bait ) 150m behind the boat. i started spinning for the mackeral while waiting for the livies to get hammered. we got afew runs earlie in the peice but then our luck went down hill. dolphins moved in and started to steal every livie that was put down for cobia, mackeral tuna ect. we had a great incounter with a boat runing just off the back of us runing over our line and we let them no how unhappy we were, and as brad put it in a prev post, pro t-shirt wearing wanabeeeees. i would love to have a chat with those guys. :evil: :evil: we stayed for another 3hrs before getting the poops with the dolphin and pulling anchor and heading to another beacon to chase jew, threadies, shrak ect.but we didnt have mush sucsess hear either with me geting a 73cm jew and 1 stingray and brad getting an unstopable.



brad hooked up



afternoon shark sesh

hit the logan monday arvo, 4.00-6.00 with rob, nick and ash. the boys wanted to chase some bullies on the 1lb and i wanted a feed. i was first on and showed the boys how to do it on 1lb. a quick 10-12 min fight and up comes a 70cm bully. nick was up next. zzzzzzzzz, pick the reel up and goes to set the hook and pink, breaks the line. rob was on next and he managed to bring the shark in and when i went to lift the shark onto the jetty, the hook came out. :(:( .in the end the boys ended up droping 8 in the 2 hr sesh.


thanks for reading...

kurt, nik, rob, ash, jess and brad B)B)

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Great read Kurt and thoroughly enjoyed bribie and you have me hooked. Really enjoyed my time with everyone and was good to just chill and have a good yarn the ski was fun and I knew when I jumped on I coulnt do any worse then nick and rob :P so pissed I can't make hervey bay hope you guys smash em up there. Hopefully have some luck with the bullies this arvo :D

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Great read. Few unlucky moments there to

top report kurt was a great few trips and with the unlucky moments the few trips iv been with kurt iv realised more and more sharks aren't as easy as i thought they where to target its alot more work but an awesome learning curve and a good experience none the less

cheers nick

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Top read there Kurt - very interesting reading about a style of fishing not many of us experience. Am I reading it right that you guys jumped on the jetski in the middle of the night and went out and deployed more baits??? If so you have some crazy (or very brave) mates!!!!!

Keep up the good work.

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Top read there Kurt - very interesting reading about a style of fishing not many of us experience. Am I reading it right that you guys jumped on the jetski in the middle of the night and went out and deployed more baits??? If so you have some crazy (or very brave) mates!!!!!

Keep up the good work.

picture this....

as your standing on the beach looking out over the bay to glassed out condition and a huge full moon that eluminated everything that it touched. iut was kind of hard not to go out on the water.

put is this was as ross said. we were runing baits in 2m shore breakers. we actually felt extremely save.... besides what was lurking below us :sick: :sick: :sick:

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