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Settings for Lowrance elite5x sounder


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Hi all.

Have just bought myself a new sounder and had a play around with it over the last few days and am getting a lot of interference I think. I would like your opinions on the settings I will need as I am a complete joke at computers and electronics.

Thanks in advance


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If at first/second/third try and u don't succeed .. RTFM

Here is a link mate http://www.lowrance.com/Products/Marine/Elite-Series/Elite-5X/Downloads - look on the right side - it has a download link for "Operation Manual - English". Direct your mouse cursor (the arrow thingy) to where it says Download. (The cursor/arrow should turn into a hand looking thing) Right-click the mouse and the select SAVE TARGET AS from the drop down menu - select a place to save it and click SAVE/OK.

It will then download the manual to your selected location in PDF format (you will need a program that can read PDF files - such as Adobe Reader which is free to use).

Good Luck mate



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