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12/4/2012 logan river bullies


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well kurt ross jackson (my younger brother) and myself ended up heading to the logan to chase a few bullies for the table i headed down at 2.30 and all i had was some mullet so i baited up and waited while i was waiting 2 other people where down there fishing as-well and they caught alot of little catties so i got a small one about 7cm and chucked him out as bait as-well i ended up getting 2 catfish myself and almost lost my rod in the water in the process then ross had arrived and not long after kurt arrived we where all baited up i ended up getting 2 runs on the little cattie but no hookup then one of kurts rods went off and he connected after a short fight a nice bully was landed not long after the same rod went off and kurt handed it to me and finally had landed one at this spot :woohoo: after the last to trips of me consistently losing them and not hooking up i was stoked so all in all 2 nice bullies where landed it was a good arvo all in all


nick kurt and ross



also a short vid


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Thanks for the session nick and kurt was good fun as usual good to see you finally get one there hope u bloody smash em

Tomorrow mate good luck

mate all i can say is you should be coming on both trips we have planned but atleast we have winter coming up so we can gear up for them next season it should be good

and was good to catch up with ya

and squeak i almost done the same thing today but mine wasnt a shark taking it in the water it was a cattie :evil:

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