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two pbs one day


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hey fellas try an make it short an sweet

fishings been a bit slow as of late but managed to have a craken session solo this arvo/tonite, started off the in the upper nerang where a mate of mine has been gettin into some nice tailor latly up to 70cm, I had been there 45 mins an was bout to call it quits an move on when finally I got a hook up to one on a diver and it was a beauty after plenty of aerial manovers an runs in slipped my pb tailor in the net put it on the braggy an it went 70cm an fell to a lucky craft staysee :cheer: sweeeet


after the sun went down drove to a spot I found the other day but hadnt fished it yet, not knowin what to start off with I went for somethin with some noise, this time a jackall popper that had not caught a fish yet, seriously first cast worken it back an water erruputs on it an hooks up instantly starts jumpin an going crazy, thought I finally had a tarpon an up pops a small gh,


put him back an kept movin down the rock wall an flickin into the middle an as soon as my lure hit the water didnt even get to move it i'm on again to a gh which won it freedom an my lure by cuttin thru my leader on 12lb, this ended up happenen again not long after! 2 lures down now this was insane went up to 14lb an put on a luckycraft sammy an cast into the darkness an get smashed ! a nice tarpon has been on the top of my list for ages an they are tricky buggers to catch finally tonite was the nite for my pb an on surface was stoked great nite




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