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Brissy River Bassin' with a convert


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Due to a car crash in january I have not been able to cast a line. My mate is a keen bait fisho and he never really believed lures caught fish, more over that their initial strike is much more aggressive than using bait. Well things did not go well for me, left my lures at home along with the battery for the sounder. When we got to our spot, Lionel's lure selection was not the best for the area. I had a cast and pain, pain, no more fishing for me, I'll be the guide ;).

After half an hour with only missed strikes and dropped fish, my mate spotted a green, yellow and black striped boomerang floating in close to the bank, we headed over and grabbed it. I told him "that lure will score you bass", but he was still very skeptical. He ties it on and second cast he's on,


You can tell by the look on his face that he is bewildered that this bit of plastic with hooks can catch fish. Casts out again and bang


this continued for about an hour and a half, continually pulling in bass from this one big snag of trees,







Then the bass's revenge, gill raked!


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