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NPD mixed results sun


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Had to attend a working bee at the dam this morning, so I included a fish with Chris. Trolled all the way down for nothing and was a slow start on shrimp also. However we pulled our socks up and after seeing the end of the rainbow without the actual rainbow I knew our luck just had to change


First bass came along within mins, picked up a few bass each and some catties, made a move and found some more of each and a good shower of rain to give us a wet ass. We managed over 20 bass no biggies, 3 tandans and 3 forkies oh and one turtle.

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Chris hoping they school up for winter, be some good fishing then

Beau forkies were med and big take a bit of controling sometimes

Nitris if you mean the blue abu I use it because of the loud drag, it sits behind me where I cant see it.

Ross we were as wet as the fish were at times

Matt good show cant wait to give them a run

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