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My Quick Trip down the south Coast NSW! :) Merimbula


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These holidays it was a bit of the usual thing, down to the farm and down the coast to merimbula but this time i had the yak ;)

Only having a day and a half was a bit disappointing and could of been alot more fish to be caught ;) of coarse..

On my first day ;) i wheeled the yak down to the ramp making my plan.. I started pedaling and came across a very nice chap ;) we all know him as bushy from shimano. he didn't stick around long but he watched me land a nice big flattie. i was pretty overwhelmed :)


The next fish were a heap of bream all looking nice a healthy (FAT) haha



Next was a nice luderick which was my first one and i thought id hooked the biggest bream in my life :D


And for this next photo does anyone know what the little bug is on its tail?


All day was bream and a few flatties all good sizes




Thanks for reading hope it was okay, i really encourage you to have a look at fishing down there its actually pretty amazing :lol:

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Very nice place down there but pity it gets so cold in winter. My brother in law lives at Pambula but keeps his boat moored at Merimbule.

Good fun spotlighting the prawns when they are running.

Bushy is a very nice bloke and is highly regarded in the local community down there.

He does a hell of a lot for the young anglers and the disadvantaged.

Reckon he will bob up in the order of australia awards one day.



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Its a great part of the world there I spent months down there chasing Greenies in the Forests around Eden, Pambula famous place that one with the top and Bottom pubs, my mate even married one of the locals from there, we got took out fishing there and I caught my first fish trolling grat memories.

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