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Wello Point Sat 14th


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Went out again off wello on Saturday. Beautiful sunrise with spots of rain on and off and a little chop. Caught 5 parrots and 3 blue line emporers All on prawns. There was a heap of activity in the distance a few times. Looked like a school of tuna jumping out of the water and smashing a bait ball.



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and nice footwear.

Thanks mate. Vibrams are Comfy comfy wet weather shoes. Bit wierd to start with. Ebay pumps them out for 60 bucks instead of the $180 they charge retail.They are probably fakes but they look legit and they are harder soles than my scuba boots!

See everyone (Ellicat) ... it's not just me that wears them :D

Yeah the ebay ones are knock offs. As long as you're not running in them, they'll do you fine. Between my brother and I, I think we have something like 6 or 7 pairs between us.

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