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Fishing the Great Sandy Straights


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So the weekend took Brad (Bullseye) dan and myself up to dans house on one of the small islands inside Fraser Island.

Set off saturday morning for the drive up around 11am (had to catch the afternoon high tide hence the late departure).

Got to the ramp around 1.30 and set off. In the wet :S

Through the rain we battled our way out the the island and uploaded our gear.

We then decided to go for a quck arvo flick before tea.

Headed over to the spot and wet the lines, flicking into the snags we weren't getting much action, brad then snagged up in a tree so we took the boat in to unhook. While we were in there dan decided he would have "One last flick" of the current lure as he wasnt getting action when BANG he was on, You wouldve heard the yells from the mainland too when he hooked up. "BARRA, BARRA!!!". And sure enough up pops this little beauty.


After this it went quiet so we decided to head back to the island for a feed and a few brews and to rest up for the big day ahead B) We were also keen to see the target species for the Pirtek classic.

Next morning we rose at 5am ready to lauch at 6 to complete our plan of attempting to catch one of each of the QLD pirtek challenge target species. Barramundi, Flathead and Whiting.

First thing tide was high so we headed to the Barra spot in hope to get another like the previous night or anything willing to jump on the hooks, When we got there there was alot of bait chopping but it took us a while to hook anything. First up brad and myself had a double hookup! Too bad they werent barra :( With Brad landing a Grunter and i dropped a tailor boatside.


Soon after this dan hooked another barra, this one giving us some nice aerial displays before spitting the hook, damn.

After this went quiet again so we headed to pump some yabbies and go for whiting on the flats. Straight up, another double hookup for me and brad. Both were rays, we could see the one i had hooked and it was pretty massive, brads was small, i didnt manage to even get mine boatside. Oh well.


Brad and dan then landed a few whiting and bream which got us on the board for the pirtek challenge. At this stage, i was still on a donut :pinch: But soon after i finally hooked up, was small but obviously pretty stoaked to get off the big 0 :woohoo:


After lunch we went and hit a flatty ground for no luck at all, not a hit, so we headed back to chase that barra.

Still pretty slow fishing but finally i hooked up, this one felt a bit better than the last ;) I had very high hopes that id hooked my first barra and had a fish to enter in the comp. But unfortunately this popped up.


Nice little 55cm Thready, Not a barra but still my first thready so i was still pretty stoaked.

After this we headed back for some tea and beers after a big day on the water.

Headed back on the high tide at 7 thismorning ahead of our trek home.

Overall was a great weekend on the water and keen to do it again!

Thanks for reading.

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