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Persistance Pays Off in The River


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I have been putting a lot of time in on the river for months now.Since Kurt had those young gooses try to run him off the road actually. That was the first night I tried for the infamouse Brisbane river Jews, Kurt was good enough to meet up with me and give me a few pointers even after he had spent the best part of the night at the police station. Since then I have been spending as many Nights, Arvos and early mornings on the river as the weather will let me and I have put a few posts on here after several of my unsuccessful trips so I thought I should put one on after I was finaly successful. :woohoo:

Sunday morning was nasty at 2am I almost pulled off the Highway at North Lakes and went home but I tuffed it out in the early morning rain. I cast netted bait and set up in 14m of water at Luggage Point. The tide was on the slack so I stuck two herring out the back one with a small sinker on with 20lb leader to 20lb braid on the shimano bait runner and one un weighted on my 400 Banax overhead with 12lb leader and 10lb braid. Dropped a burly bucket over and waited.

I didn't wait for too long and the rod with the overhead and the 10lb braid on it buckled and then straightened up so I wasn't paniced at all, I thought I had missed a catfish as thats all I ever get. When I picked the rod up and put some pressure on the line holy I knew instantly this was no catfish. The fight probably seemed a lot longer to me than it was cause I spent what seemed to be the next 30 minutes waiting for a knot to give or the braid to touch somthing and pop because it was under some seriouse tension but everything held and up came my first legal Bris River Jew. I netted him and tried to get the hook out but he must have been hungry it was deep so I cut it off and the blood from its gills looked bad so I tried to revive it but no good. He measured 79cm so he was bound for the BBQ.

After I did my little dance around the boat and got over being so pleased with myself( Thank god it was still dark) I re rigged and put another livey over. I just got settled down and started pouring a coffee and the Bait runner took off on a little short run and stopped so I put the thermos down and away it went again. I grabbed the rod and lent back and I was on again Only a short fight on 20lb and a little 46cm Jewie was dispached back to the river gotta love the circle hooks corner of the mouth.

I was sitting back having my coffee at last and out of nowhere the Bait runner was off and not slowing up so jumped on the rod putting my coffee on the seat and set the hook, Was into another one and he wasn't comming quietly it was going from the back of the boat to the front when a tugg that had gone past 5 min before wake got too me and the hot coffee was all over the floor and my bare feet so now I was dancing around the boat before the fish was landed. When he did come up it was a very fat 68cm model.

I couldn't believe it a couple of hours ago I had only ever touched one very small Jewie and now I had 3 in one morning and one was legal, Fishing is a funny sport how quick things change.

Anyone that has any concerns about eating fish from Brisbane River DON'T because that Jewie ate wonderfuly I didnt tell the family what is pumped out at Luggage Point tho !!!!


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Hey mate, awesome jewie there and a great report - congrats!! Kurt gave me some advice on Luggage Point that led to my first ever jewie last Tuesday (only 52cm) so his advice is certainly paying off (thanks Kurt!!).

Good luck on the threadies - they are next on my hit list too!!!

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