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Bassn in the rain NPD.


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Fingers crossed but it looks like NPD is finally starting to come good.

I have heard of 3 failed tilapia trips over the weekend and a few bass starting to come on AJ lures.

I have been promising Wade a trip to NPD for a while and today was his only day off so off we went despite the forecast and rain.

Did the redclaw pots in the rain and wind .


Pretty mixed bag with lots of small ones.

By this time we were a bit cheesed off with the wind and I was ready to call it quits when the wind dropped out so we decided to head downstream and have a go.

First place Wade got a tandanus on the first drop and I followed with 2 consecutive forkies.


They are good sport on my nordic 6ft gunslinger and 6lb mono.

Wade then got his first ever bass.


The bass went off after a while so we decided to try a couple of other spots with only the odd rat bass being caught.

Sharefarmers beware this one not well concealed but a few other ones noticed around the dam.



One even guarding one of my pots.

Ataround lunchtime we decided to give one last spot a try and we caught plenty of baitstealers.


Mixed in with more bass.


I then got a nice yella once giving the gunslinger a good workout.



Then Wade got his first ever yella.


Looks like I have created another NPD addict and permit holder.

Final Score was 15 bass 2 yellas,2 forkies.one tandanus and around 6 spangleds.




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acouple of my pro crabing mates are starting to use these. but the ones they are using email the picture to you, so if you are a share farmer and you see the camera and take it down to destroy the evadence, you will get caught anyway.

on another note, ray, that yella, damm, look at its belly. great stuff guys

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