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Easter at yamba


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Beautiful weather to start off the trip with very minimal wind but the bar still looked pretty dicey at the best of times so i decided to stay in the river and explore a fair amount.


The house we hired was excellent, 4 bedroom mansion with a massive open plan living/dining/lounge a 50" led tv and an 8 metre pontoon just off the main stretch of the river about 10mins from the mouth.

View from the canal of our place


First drop of 4 pots(1 per person in NSW) overnight yielded one tiny jenny that we put back to grow and one solid buck but he only had one claw which is annoying. Got another 10 crabs or so over the trip though my pots were definitely checked i got 4 or 5 keepers from that lot so that enough to keep me happy for a while.


Fishing was fairly slow, after 2 days fishing we had caught a few stingrays and lots of undersize stuff, livies were the go for stingrays it seemed, weighted and unweighted didnt matter.

Changed tactics and work a few different rockwalls and i ended up with 3 flathead around 45cm on the damiki 2inch grubs in red and another one around 60cm on a live herring with minimal weight cast near the rockwall. No pictures as i forgot. They were later turned into an excellent thai green fish curry.


we caught tonnes of bream up to 36cm off the pontoon at night

This was my biggest. Lots of fun on the light stuff. 1/24th ounce jigheads with a live shrimp from the pot or a small chunk of fresh herring would be stripped every cast if you got it the right spot. I also got busted off by bigger things, i saw a small jack one morning under our pontoon so i imagine that it was either 40cm+ bream or some red devils.


Monday night was spent around the oyster channel bridge and we couldnt raise a scale with live mullet and herring though someone else was fighting a fish from the middle of the bridge for an hour or so and didnt want any help landing it though it was probably a stingray with that much kick.

Unfortunately the weather set in on the tuesday and it was windy and rainy so i spent a lot of that time indulging in pale ales and food, we thought the weather had broken on the friday and headed out for a night sesh chasing jew at middle wall and got blasted once by somethign that didnt hook up on a live mullet and then my mate pulled a 1m+ ray up and the wind picked up with rain following it so we hightailed it out of there.

Visited the angourie rock pools which were pretty nice, i found a big slug called a "sea hare"



Nice place, ill visit again but maybe more in summer so i can have a decent crack at the jew.


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