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My First Cod


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On the weekend I made a comment on a blog asking when the weather will get better as this summer has been terrible and it seems as though someone was listening because the forecast looked great all week for the first time this year.

Not expecting to make the most of the good weather until the weekend, a friend sent me a message to see if I was interested in fishing when I finished work in the morning. Instantly I replied yes and plans were made to cross Moreton Bay as soon as I clock off work and fish my favourite Snapper grounds.

After a slightly bumpy trip across the typical Moreton Bay chop we arrived and full of excitement and anticipation. I was struggling to tie the jig head to my leader :)

First on was Deano with a typical 32cm bay Squire and for the next hour the undrsize Snapper continued to flow. Conditions were perfect and for once and the wind was blowing the boat on the exact drift line I wanted. Then my Blood Oath Jerk Shad had a little interest and all of a sudden line starts peeling of the reel, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, luckily i'd manged to put the brakes on and stop him from returning to the reef. Not recieving any big and heavy head shakes i could tell it wasn't a Snapper and then after about 10mintues a nice Gold Spot Cod came to the surface which is a new first for me and put a massive smile on my face.

By now the tide had begin to slow and my favourite Snapper spot always stops to produce during slack water so the call was made to move further along the coastline to curtain which is normally a carpark with boats and I have only ever heard myths of this reef producing massive fish during the middle of the week. When we arrived there was only one boat so Dean and myself decided to stay and make the most of this oppurtunity.

I decide to make a change. After a couple of drifts our plastics were getting ripped apart by chopper tailor. We started the drift again and I shout out 'i'm on', it didn't feel any bigger then your typical bay Squire, but it must have needed me to wake it up because it proceeded to take off like a rocket. I locked the drag and begun to get stuck into him, it felt as if i'd managed to get him off the reef so I said to Dean 'this is big, get the big net, its really b....(takes off like a rocket again), all of a sudden 'PING' and nothing, with so much tension on the line it must have rubbed on a sharp piece of metal as he ran me back into his home aboard the ex 'Melbourne' tug boat. I was so dissapoint, expecially as I thought I had him of the reef (hehe I didnt speak for about an hour after it happen). Thats fishing though i guess :( the fish have got to win some of the battles.

It was a great day fishing with a good mate, the trip home was pretty rough as the wind had begun to pick up, if it had been any rougher we may have been up for a night at Tangalooma Dolphin Resort and a night off work ;)thanks for reading everyone :)



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