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Woodgate fishing. PB's


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Hey guys, in the easter holidays my dad took me to woodgate. Near bunderburg... The first few days were just little flattys and plenty of missed fish. One afternoon we come straight back to the spot where heaps of fish have on the bite, A few cast into the session, bang! After a solid 5-8 fight on 6lb leader i finally pull in my first BIG flatty :D 81cm on 6lb leader and berkley powerbait.



Well i was stoked to finally get a big flatty.

Next day we head out to a river mouth hoping to get just a few more fish before leaving to come home. bang, drags buzzing then i see a 70cm + queenie jump and bust me off. I tie on the trusty damiki armour shad and bang! I saw the queenie jump and realised it was on a little one.... 6lb


Ended up landing 4 little queenies with a loss of a 70+ :(


My dad and i get up early so we coyuld just have a quick flick before coming home. Back to the river mouth.

With a couple more fish... trevally, bream and heaps nmore flattys and one more queenie.




Thanks guys and im not sure why but it wouldnt let upload all the photos, thanks.

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Great angles on those pics mate, you've got it right!!

Not being funny with you but tell your cameraman to chuck the flash on regardless of day or night and those pics are 100% magazine quality !! Second from the top Flathead shot is a cracker, good on you.


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Great report mate, awesome pics of those fish you got in. Gotta love queenies on light gear. Bet your adrenaline was running high when you seen the size of that lizard on 6lb gear



Was stoked to even see it ! I was freaking out thinking it was gonna chew through my leader .

harry ...

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