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Good session on small lures for not much [Cairns]


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After some pretty awesome fishing dreams, where I was smashing them on lures and watching the follows, I decided I just had to go throw a lure this morning.

Went down to a local spot expecting to see nothing but muddy water and almost un-fishable conditions. To my surprise the water wasn't that bad and as I tied my leader knot I noticed some commotion over under a tree near a drain. There was fresh water running off into a very small back eddy with lots of fry gathered in tight against the edges. As I got closer I noticed fish busting them up and fry spraying everywhere every couple of minutes or so. I couldn't get my lure on or in there fast enough.

Casting under a tree with only about 30-45cm of clearance under the branches proved challenging and the first cast fell short of the bank and about 3/4 of where I wanted it to be. Lure of choice was a small Lucky Craft bevy shad, a floating one with upgraded hooks so it suspends and slowly rises. What I like about this lure is it gets down to depth with one solid jerk, stays there and have tons of action fished slow. Second cast and I nailed it, straight under the tree and right up against the bank, one quick pull of the lure to get it down and a slow roll back and BAM, RIP, RIP, RIIIIIP, I have a quick wrestle with a good fish before I see a very decent sized bright red jack come up to the surface before he pulls again and sets himself free. Damn I thought as I adjusted my drag to something firmer to help set the hooks and keep it under my control. I hate loosing fish, especially a good jack! Slowly the shakes you get from a big lure hit disappeared, but the adrenaline had me going.

Bust ups were frequent and still happening, I dropped a few tarpon as they jumped and set themselves free. Just missed a really good hit from a 50ish barra that I saw chase the lure down, crash-tackling it and missing the hooks. I was starting to get over it, every good cast (1 in 3 I reckon) was getting hit but not connecting properly and they weren't just nudges.

I persevered, trying all the lures that looked ok to me. Due to the short distance I was casting, I could only really use smaller lures with lots of action, otherwise I'd only get 2-3 good rips and that's it. The bevy shad what the lure best suited and unless it had gold on it, it wouldn't get hit. Going back to the first lure, the bevy shad with gold on it, I started getting hits again.

I started trying different actions and starting giving it quick rips with small pauses, this started the tarpon back up and I caught a good sized one, bigger than the other pictured. Another two casts and I was on again. I gave this one to an nice old guy that asked if he could have it for his cat. That's the one pictured below, the other was about 1/3 bigger but didn't really fight as well, this one went ballistic.

While I was there another guy that only uses live prawns came down. I call him the silent assassin, he caught 5 barra, biggest about 50cm. He ALWAYS gets at least one, just floating a live prawn into likely spots. The old guy knows him well and it was good chatting to them both as some of the people up here are great and just another thing that makes this a special part of the world.

Also, looks like Cairns just lost another good land based spot. Tony, if you are reading, they are doing something to Mazdabator bridge and I doubt we'll be able to fish it again. Buggers, I can't wait till next year and getting a nice tinny.


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my dad is at cairns now he just bought a house there he wnts to know is there any where to pump yabbies up there as hees also a crazy fisherman


Smart man, haha :D

Barr creek, North Machans Beach is one spot, see tiotony's post here (also got a few spots to fish): http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/18-north-queensland/390819-some-fnq-fishing-spots#390819

Also, the mouth of the Baron river has some on low tide, but not that many last time I was there!!

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Oh...my...goodness, now there's tarpon at old Kamerunga bridge too. Just can't get away from those things. I can tell you were at Kamerunga cos you mentioned the 'silent assassin', I know exactly the guy you are talking about!

Mazdabator bridge closed? NNOOOOOOOO!!!! :(

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