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Any Driveway Mechanics With Spare Time this Weekend?


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The jeep has decided to be stubborn when starting every once in awhile lately so, after having just gotten it back from the shop and taking a look under the bonnet myself, I decided it needs to have a few things done in the event I get threatened with deportation and need to sell it.

Due to uncertainty regarding how long I am going to be able to stay, I don't want to go and invest in tools that I might have to end up selling for a loss anyway. I also do not want to go to a shop where they are going to charge me $150 per hour to fix mistakes that they made along with some minor tune-up details while they spend an additional 4 hours looking for something else they can tell me is ready to break so they can pad the bill.

Here is the list of things I want to do, so please let me know if you have the tools to help and what kind of compensation you'll need to come up to Bracken Ridge, work on my jeep, ogle the HD while I try to convince you that you should buy it :lol: (if you have a license for it you can take it for a ride), drink a couple of beers (if that is your thing), let my kid annoy you because you are so much cooler than his dad, etc.

1. Spark Plugs replaced.

2. Distributor Cap replaced

3. Distributor Wires replaced.

4. Air Filter replaced.

Things I can do on my own, but would be easier to do at the same time (especially if you happen to have some tools that make it easier)

1. Reconnect the heater hoses (Yes, I just realized today that when the shop replaced my radiator they did not remember to reconnect the heater hoses when they were isolating the problem so the bypass was left in place. (Yay professionalism!).

2. Rotate the tires.

I'll buy all of the parts (obviously).

It is a 97 Jeep Wrangler TJ with a straight 6 engine.

If you can help, please feel free to PM me.



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sorry mate gotta go fishin that weekend B) and the tyers need to come of the rim to be rotated properly and no i dont want to buy 97 jeep wrangler that keeps breaking down as i already have a 98 100 series landcruiser that gives me the same joy :woohoo:

Hey now, it doesn't KEEP breaking down; that only happened once and it was because the radiator decided it wanted to quit its job... Also, I was talking about the Harley as something I convince you that you need to buy. :P

Good luck on fishing this weekend mate!

P.S. That is what you get when you don't buy a Jeep, Holden, or Ford :P

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No the tyres do not need to be taken off the rim to rotate them.

If a tyre is directional then it is directional for it's entire life, the tread does not change as the tyre wears. Correct procedure for a four tyre rotation is two rears straight to the front and two fronts diagonally opposite to the rear, 5 tyre rotation I can't quite remember atm ;)

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I thought they worn in so to speak and having the tyre spinning in the opposite direction is not good either, asymmetric and directional tyres need to be kept same side for sure, but I'm no tyre guy so don't know

worn in (as being on the one side going in the same direction forms a pattern) not uneven wear of a tyre

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Alright I've tried on my suit for Sunday and it still fits so no need to go shopping tomorrow, if you still need help I'm more than happy to stick my hand up. Be warned though I haven't worked on a jeep before but I'm sure we can get through it, it's only the distributor cap and wires I would be learning as I go on.

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