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Up the creek


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Met up with Matt [ Bommie ] for a fish yesterday in a creek unknown to me so was a bit of a challenge right from the start. However with a heap of advice from Matt and the use of a sounder I started to workit out. It was one of the most uneven creek bottoms I have seen, one minute you are in 10ft of water then back to 5 then up to 14, very hard to work out lures when trolling between casting spots. Speaking of casting spots Matt told me to put a cast in beside a log where he said his dad had caught a good fish,so I cast a s/bait in which was hit instantly, I yelled you are right he is still there and before I knew it he had me buried in a snag and escaped. Anyway we trolled and cast our way up the creek and back for a few good fish and some not so good and one nearly the same size as the lure.

Thanks for a nice morning on the water Matt and I'll leave it for you to explain the rod problem :(


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it was a tough morning with several bass doing me in, only loss 1 lure though and 1 rod, as I done what I shake my head at,,,

holding the rod with my hand half way down, then lifting the rod with a fish on, snap :pinch:

I did not get many pics but Dino cleaned up on the bass

greedy bass


bass in tight water


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