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Cod lures and flies (handmade)


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I don't have the patience, or desire, for that matter to make my own lures. I do however love to use handmade timber lures made by guys with a real passion for it.

I'm off chasing some cod in the range next week and contacted Bommie for a few lures. Like any craftsman he asked questions about preferences and what I wanted and did not disappoint. I've already got them wet and they have a good wide wobble that I hope the cod will find irresistable.


Next week I'll be sure to put up a report of what success I have with his proven lures as well as some prototypes.

I do have the patience to tie a few flies and knocked up a few in the 100mm range and need the 9wt line to throw them as the 5wt gets about 6 metres on a good cast with these bad boys :blush: Keen to tick cod off my fly list :woohoo: I also tied a heap of wind on leaders for the fly rod with about 40lb breaking strain. Hopefully enough muscle to keep the cod from going home.


I did also wrap one of my very buoyant Oar-gee lures in fur as a surface mouse. First test was scaring the be-jesus out of the Mrs with it


Fingers crossed the fella's I'm going with are left a chance to get a fish with all these secret weapons I'm taking :P

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Some nice Lures there mate... If I may just point you to some awesome new plastics. Check out the new range of Australian Made Soft Plastics @ www.gobblers.com.au

Have you ask admin if your allowed to promote your own stuff. People usually give something to the community before they start advertising here.

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The mirkin is some artificial fly fur that has a coat of waterproof glue on it then strapped with a bandage overnight. Then I unwrapped it and manicured the long bits to the shaggy length that gives the most life to it in the water.

I also made a walk the dog surface lure that is a bit more manicured with shorter mirkin:


And the infomercial guy: unless you got some 7"+ paddletails for Murray cod for me to try for free, not interested.

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Some nice Lures there mate... The Plastics work on cod also...

Just a heads up there going out bush to be used on murray cod lol

Hey Dassa, spammers are too busy to look at threads they are actually spamming

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Thanks guy's for all your interest, here is a link to the AFO directory if you would like to have a look. We will add some more photo's of our range soon.


Also I should mention these lures are a two person concern with Al (big al) doing the wood shaping, bibs and the wire work,



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