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Tangalooma on Moreton island


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Well the kids and i had a fantastic day over at tangas with the kids sand taboganing first up getting good speed down the big dunes then we all did a couple of hours of snorkelling. The wrecks have fallen apart alot since i started going over there 30 years ago even noticing 2 wrecks with the sides opened up from when i was there 2 years ago.

There was huge schools of big eye trevally we swam through lots of good size tusk fish and plenty of other mixed reefies swimming around the coral, the size of some of the bream were huge my son even said one looked like a snapper it was that big.

The kids and i saw some small wrasse cleaning parasites from the mouth and gills of some alligator gar we all thought that was pretty cool as we had only seen it on tv before.

Did a bit of fishing after lunch with no bait taken just some bait jigs and we got some tiny yakkas bitten in half on the way up or just snipped off the jig before we could get them in the boat but as soon as we could get some decent hooks in the survivors the macks wouldn't touch them.

Flat run home with the only hitch being we didn't take the camera for the day

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