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What a day


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Evening all

The financial director had a makeup party to go to today

Check willy,s weather again just to make sure it was still good

So off I went to Wello point

arrive 2.30 and I am blessed

Flat as

Headed out to the right of the markers and get to the last one and head further right

Watching the fish finder to see what the bottom looks like and it is full on

Drop some bait and here I go

Under size squire after squire

Still having a ball then all of a sudden it goes quite

Heart rate spikes when a bloody dolphin pops up and has a look

Hangs around for a couple of minutes and then it's gone

Met a fellow yakker named stewart I think

New to the area.had a chat for a while and mentioned Bfo was the place to get involved in

No pics as I have lost 3 phones.saving for a water proof camera

Anyway thats my story for today


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