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Coomera assault with the 2 old farts


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G'day guys. I got to hit the Coomera today with the 2 old farts. We haven't been able to fish together for a while now due to conflicting work times etc, so it was good to catch up and a great day to be on the water.

We got a later start than I'm used to but made the most of what we had.

I pulled 4 or 5 bream. the first one went over 30 but Mr P de-hooked him and threw him back in the drink before I opened the camera case. :S

I also pulled a couple of small flatties.







Mr P scored a nice long tom going about a metre, a few small bream, then foul hooked a big ray, then the last cast of the day hooked something huge. We chased it around for a while and was putting some serious hurt on what ever it was then some inconsiderate woman that was attempting to drive the boat whilst her less then bright husband was trolling with about 100mtrs of line out came closer, we signalled for them to go around as we were chasing the fish into the shallows but no :angry::angry::angry: ... she drove strait over it and the lines got crossed then their micro mullet tore through Mr P's line and it was gone. :(

He pulled up beside them and gave them a serve and the rude thing just hit the throttle and shot off through the 6knt zone. :angry:




George ended up with a keeper flatty going 50 and a couple of bream. His livie got smashed by a huge flatty and the line failed but we were able to follow it due to the float still being attached, we chased it around for a bit but then the float slipped off. At least we got the float back I guess.

Going back tomorrow with another mate for a pre dawn session, expecting to fire up a bit more. Stay tuned for another report tomorrow.


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