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Tuna + 4lb = Idiot!!!!


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The plan was made to hit the bay this morning in our boat, ‘fuzzy’, to chase anything and just have a fun, chilled out morning. But that’s not exactly how it turned out to be! We hit the water at about 8am and after about 15 mins we arrived at our first spot. Over the past few months, we have done up the boat, gradually improving casting decks, getting a new motor, new sounder, livewells and best of all, new electric motor.. So I was super keen to test it all out!

The plan first up was to target bream in the shallows and teach dad how to catch them on plastics. He started off with an armour shad and I used an NW pencil. They were pretty tentative with only half-hearted taps. I had at least 20 strikes on surface (maybe not that many) for missed hook-ups, which was frustrating. We managed three between 23-25 FL before the tide got too low.

Next we went for a burn in hope of finding some tuna action, there were no birds around but I soon spotted some big fish busting up hard against the reef edge. I super excited at the prospect of my first bay tuna, which we soon discovered to be longies when one jumped out of the water. We chased them for a while but they were very flighty and they would consistently bust up in different locations out of casting distance of the plastics and slugs.

We gave them a break and headed further in where we found a sweet patch of reef that produced plenty of action and fish landed. I got absolutely smoked once on the light gear with an armour shad, the thing ran for about 20 seconds straight before smashing me on the reef… guessing a big snapper from the headshakes. I re-rigged and kept flicking, when all of a sudden the tuna popped up right in front of the boat!!! Dad went to grab his heavy rod and said to me “you better not use that little rod, cause there’s no way I’m paying for a new spool of braid!†I laughed and reminded him that I paid for my own fishing gear, but he wasn’t listening. So I thought, “Screw that!†My cast landed right in the middle of where the last bust-up was. I had on a 3 inch armour shad with a 1/28 jig head with 4lb braid and leader. It had been sinking about 5 seconds, I flicked over my bail arm about to wind when instantly the slack tightened.... Then the drag screamed like I had never heard it scream before. “Woops!!!†I said. Dad looked up, saw the rod bent in half and said “I’m not paying for a new rod either..â€

He started the motor and took chase, I looked at my spool and it was already looking rather low. I wasn’t sure if I even had a chance to land the fish but I was gonna enjoy it while I could, and I wasn’t going down without a fight!!

We chased the tuna for a good 20 minutes, we’d stop the boat and it would take off again, it was a pretty one-sided battle in the end. Finally the line went slack and I knew the joyride was over. I wound in to find the little 1/0 jighead practically disintegrated. After that the tuna were few and far and we went back to fishing the reef. We ended up with 9 bream to 30FL as well as what I think is a cale cale trevally which gave a great account of itself for its size.

Unfortunately we had to head in as dad had to work and we left the fish biting. It was a great day and I cannot wait for another chance at a moreton bay longie. Things are definitely looking good for the tuna social! Sorry there are not that many pics, dad reckons he only takes photos of ‘proper fish’, plus we were having too much fun!!

Thanks for reading






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Well done bro. Shame about longie youl get 1 soon.

Looks like you had a crack day.

Mates landed 6 yesterday between 2 boats. 1 got sharked. We got a few mackerel n a nice cod too.

Your crazy trying to land long tail on 4lb lol. I have busted a reel with 300 meters of 30lb braid tryna stop one. Saw the backing 3 times chased it too. After 45 minutes reel gave up.

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