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Bet you can't do that again!


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Hi All

Thought I post a funny incident that happened while fishing with the family at deep water bend on sunday morning. Well most of the trip was spent rigging up and re-rigging up for my wife and two girls 9 & 12. I swear it was and hour in before I managed a cast myself lol. Anyways I had my line in and had to put the rod down to re-rig for my youngest daughter...told her to hold my rod while I sorted her out.

Dad, dad your getting bites! Just leave it, I told her. Anyways after the third cry about the bites I was getting and the obvious bend in the rod I told her to reel it in. I looked at the bend in the rod and the struggle my daughter was having and just smiled as I re-hooked her line!, thinking this looks like a decent one for these parts. Anyways after a little encouragement to keep winding she pulls up....two bream. Thats right one ok bream measured 24 and another one tangled in the line above it, didn't measure it as it looked to small by eye, but still not a bad fish for these parts aswell.

Never seen anything like this....I have heard of a double hook up, but this takes the cake.

Ended up pulling 10 or so bream, 2 legal whiting and a couple of toads. My girls christened their new rods which was great too.



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