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Calliope river JACK


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Hey all,

ducked out for a midday fish for couple hours today, launched at the calliope camp grounds and headed upstream to the brackish water, bit of a trek but last time i was there i managed a 38cm Jack so I thought id give it another go.

so I get to my spot and start to hit the snags along the bank, and almost straight up a lil 37cm barra is on and landed, followed up by a small tarpon next cast, I continue my way along the bank and see a sunken log pointing 90 degrees out from the bank with a couple lillies around it, so i fired my x-rap in directly beside it and parallelled the log out to receive small hit and miss so i sent the x-rap straight back in and 2 cranks of the handle and i was on but taken into the snags immediately so for the next 10 minutes it was a tug of war trying to pull this fish back through the logs, eventually I managed to get it out and up come a nice 49cm jack, it was also be chased by a catfish bigger then it tryin to eat him. all fish were released after some pics.

the barra snag



the jack spot




here is a link of the river bank i was fishing just to show how many snags there are http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT6Z3yMo9ws


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nice jack there craige1938 ..i have yet to catch a big one.is that your anchor light i see there on the port side of your boat ? you might want to raise it a bit as it supposed to be the highest point of the boat even higher than when you are standing up so it can be seen alround at night cheers al

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