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First Aid Kits


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I needed a band aide out of my first aid kit last week. Went to the kit. OVer many years it had been raided mant times for bits and pieces.

Decided o do a stock take and was surprised at what i found.

Almost everything that had a use by date had expired. Were bits and pieces missing. It would of been useless in an emergency.

So i bit the bullet and went and purchased a new 1.


What i bought is probabally an overkill for most people. So this is just a wake up call for you guyts to check yours.

My new 1, is a very very good household/kid/camping/boating type kit.

MY old 1 is being refilled. It will remain at home and the new 1 will go in whatever vehicle im using at the time.


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I didn't know that bandaids expired, if thats the case then im in abit of trouble.

I have 2 first aid kits, 1 is a portable that i take fishing and bushwalking every time, and the other one is a nice big one that i use for either home or camping, I tend to do a little audit of the big one about once every 2 months, I don't audit the small one as what i take from that, i move from the big one over.

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