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Plan B Cod Trip


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A trip to some 4x4 accessible locations was organised and my driver pulled out at short notice so rather than miss out, I rearranged my camping supplies and threw the yak on the roof of the car and headed to New England for 4 days of camping and more importantly fishing. I messaged a couple of AFOers and neither could drop everything to join me, so it was a solo trip.

Took my time and arrived at my camp at a leisurely 11am and pitched the tent, cooked a feed and then rigged the rod.

At noon I was sliding the yak into the water and headed upstream from the bridge just far enough that I didn't see moron droppings, you know the beer cans and bundy bottles that litter prime fishing spots.

So 10 minutes in I cast at a snag and 3 casts in I see a green fish lunge out of its hole and grab my new shiny purple Lure that Bommie and Big Al made and take it back home and brick me big time. I adjust the drag on my baitcaster :blush: and tie on a green lure from the guys and hit the next snag along and first cast I had a swirl so I pause and let the lure rise and just bob it in front of the snag.


A cod comes up and hits it on the surface, roll and go down. I strike and after a short tussle land my first of the trip at 55cm on the mat.


I trekked upstream and according to my GPS I was finding fish every 300m.

At the end of the day the lure was retired looking just a bit battered.


The "Mirkin" also proved its worth accounting for a few fish too


Next day I threw a smaller version of Bommies lure around. Had more wobble and incited angrier strikes from the fish.


Big thanks Matt for those lures, they certainly did the trick. The hardware on them stood up to the task, even the hooks barely distorted hauling a 77cm fish out of its stump in less than a metre of water.


And a short vid


Sight casting at cod was a first for me and so was surface fishing for them. I have experienced it on the Mary River, but with bass gear had no hope. Here I was fishing 30lb line and when they take a big lure off the surface the poor little yak gets on the plane real quick. Next time I'm taking a stake out pole to even the odds a bit better. Some of the "rivers" were a bit of an overstatement


So after checking my GPS over 2 and a half days of fishing I covered 10.2km in total and missed a lot more fish than I landed. Can't wait for winter when they are actually on the chew!

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the water was so clear I had to go all commando on them and dress in khaki so as not to spook all of them. Some massive carp in there too. Big bow waves as they took off. If I was fishing the other side of the range I'd be not dangling my feet over the side as they looked like bull sharks :ohmy:

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T-fisher, the larger lures in the group pic are bass lures. The smaller ones are prototypes with different bibs made for me for this trip. I will be throwing them around for bass next time I get out to the sweetwater this side of the range.

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Looks like a bloody awesome trip that I missed out on :angry: You should've just come and grabbed my fourby, I went in a mates car down to Iluka.

Wait 'til I take you to the spots I found on the way back from Texas, all 2wd accessible. thanks for the offer anyway.

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