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Seiran and Ant's Bream Social


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First of all a HUGE thankyou to Matt (Seiran) for the decky spot :cheer:

We met up at the ramp and with greetings, banter and entry fees sorted and we were off, straight to North Reef with everyone else




Not much going on there with a few hits and misses on hards over the rubble so we made the move down to South reef where we proceeded to bag out with 5 legals each :whistle:

From there we went to the canals and it was iced coffee, I managed a decent flathead on a bream prawn in the first canal


From there it was a blur with a flurry of upgrades on our initial bags until we decided we'd had enough, we made our way back out to North Reef just before midday for a final shot out there where I managed to drop one, yay :evil:

Another huge thanks go out to the organisers of this event and also the guys that came out who had never been to an event before, it certainly hit the mark and set a great precedent for the rest of the socials.

Congrats go out to Dan25 for taking the win and doing the kayakers and lure chuckers proud, and maybe also to Callum and Mark for second and third respectively on bait.

Cheers guys hope to see you all at the next one,


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