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Live in an apartment - where to leave boat?


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I've just applied for a loan for what will be the biggest purchase in my life so far. My very own boat.\


Problem is I live in an apartment block with no place for a boat and my parents have said "No! Not until you move those 2 bloody cars outta the way"

So short of actually fixing my two broken cars (So I might fix the Hilux, cos that'll tow the boat, but the AE86 is a long term project (4 years and counting!)) I wanna know what you would do?

Street parking is not an option (though there is a Bayliner on the side of the road just around the corner),

parents is out......

Storage or something?

Love Damien.

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Uras N1 Kit

DMaz 30mm front guards

KPGC10 Skyline GTR rear wing

Safety 21 6 Point Cage

ADR Approved fixed back Recaro Copy

TRD Steering wheel and gear knob

Fully Stripped interior

Tokico HTS102F Shocks with AJPS 8kg 200mm springs

Cusco Camber tops

Cusco Castor rod brace

XT130 LCA's

power steering arms

AJPS Tie rods and rack ends

40mm RCA's

Whiteline Swaybar

Strut brace

Super Pro bushes through out

TRD Blues with custom Tophats converted to Coilover with 6kg springs

TRD 4.3 2 Way diff

Rear trailing arms

AJPS Panhard rod

...I think there's more suspension stuff...

Work Equip 01 15x8.5-22 and x9 -18

with 195/50 tyres

Haltech E8 with 4 LS1 Coils

Silvertop ITB's with filter socks

Custom big port adaptor

Oil cooler with braided lines and remote oil filter housing

There's more to that, too. Can't remember.

Engine is too expensive....

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Drop a SR in there. What you got in there atm.

I nearlly bought one few years ago. It was stock but i backed off and bought a widebody R32. I was 19 with a 320 hp track car lol.

Good times i could drive it everyday without getting hassled.

I nearlly cried when i sold it. Had some good fun in it. Was on the verge of dieing when i sold it lol some young kid bought it. I sold for 1/10 of what i spent on it.

My 180s the biggest pig atm lol. Just dont have time to clean it up. Got rid of the locker few weeks ago. It got annoying because i drive it everyday. I was going through a set of tyres every few weeks driving normally. Way too much camber wear.

Cars are fun man but waste of money lol. You cant really enjoy them anymore. I remember i used to wait to get paid every week n i was at jdm garage buying something different.

I see my brother and his mates pour money into their hondas and i just think to myself, what was i thinking when i did the same.

Your lucky your parents let you keep car at home in pieces. We had a stripped civic shell in backyard which we were going to work on for 3 years. It became like a storage for all our excess parts. Literally had about 10 gran worth of parts in it. ( coilovers, turbos, computers you name) Few months back my dad decided to clean up back yard while we were away and got removalist to take shell. Worst out of that was my rear pods for type x. They are so hard to find. I had just bought them of ebay and left them in garage and my brother put it in shell.

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what boat did u get a loan for mate? let me tell you from experience. you wont be able to keep the 2 of the most expensive hobbies going for long. you will either do 2 half assed or one properly.

i went through your stage when i was younger. ended up getting rid of the import cars, bought a pretty new 4wd ute and a brand new boat. best decision of my life. i still miss the fast cars but not more than i woudl miss a awesome day on the water if it was the other way around.

sorry if it sound like fatherly advice but just giving it anyways ahahah.

anyways back to storage firstly where do u live: bribie island has a boat storage place, might be a bit far away. there is a stoage place which i see boats in over near cannon hill bunnings..i dont live that side so maybe some blokes from that side can help u more. other than that maybe a stoage place but thats going to end up pricey as

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I wouldn't really call the AE86 a hobby any more. It's just a rust bucket I'm too attached to to get rid of.

I'm after a Pioneer Cape Island 186.

I also a have a 2000 4x4 Diesel Hilux and KE70 Corolla for all other duties...

Tell me you got a locker in the ke70?

Yeah Jaraads right. We had a good chat about it yesterday. You got good money for yours when you sold it.

Theres a few guys i know on this site that have done through this phase.

Eug and Adrian are two i know. Im sure Khois coming to the stage too.

Its more fun being on water anyway.

SPB gives enough adrenlian rush if ever needed lol

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Fishing is defs taking up a lot more of my time after living in Rocky for 18 months.

But my house mates still got his 380rwhp Ceffie and all his car / drifting mates so I'm still around it occasionally.

But fishing is pretty much all I care about any more. And beer. But mainly fishing.

So I thought F* it! Just buy a boat instead of talking about wanting to buy a boat.

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I'm more than over it Shane. Sold import and all the mods on my daily and bought a boat. More than happy with the choice i've made.

Just need to clean up the daily and sell it to get a tow car and maybe a bike to get to uni and work.

End of the day - i'd rather be able to actually use the thing i spend my money on not be afriad to drive my car around like some of my friends. Maybe by the time i finish uni i'll be able to do both but until then i just drive my friends cars if im bored.

Goodluck with your boat mate i hope you enjoy it =]

i think i've seen you post on boost Damien.. your dp looks familiar my acc is 51MPL on there too (<16k member haha)

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Yeah man. Boost took up a large part of my life at times. Pretty over it now, but did make some friends who I'm still friends with to this day out of it, so it wasn't all a waste.

The ae86 is waiting til I get more hydraulics experience so I can earn more (I swear I'm the lowest earning drill rig fitter in the world) - then I might just buy an FT86 or a 76 Series Cruiser....

I think it's fair to say that fishing has me by the balls. Any thing that can get me up earlier on the week end then I do during the week must be a fine mistress. And that's the reason I'm going all out on the boat, I've always believed that if you are passionate about something - you should own the best gear you can afford.

7 years when I was a first year apprentice that was $50 reels. Now I have Certates and Saltigas.

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I think it's just moving on to a different stage in the sport. I'm sort of thinking about following eug's advise from yonks ago and going track only vehicle or a really powerful factory spec one. Lower costs in the long run and no trouble from police. Too many retards driving $3000 sh1tboxes and bogandores spoiling it for everyone now. sick of morons who think that just because they have a front mount and a catback, they've gone fully sik.

anyway.... end of rant and back on topic... no harm getting a 14ft cartopper.. Only thing is that it becomes a pain in the arse lugging the engine and fuel tank around before and after every trip. a 14 or 16ft ally tinnie weighs 60 odd kg, so it's a piece of cake for 2 blokes to carry, and it can be stored vertically against a wall as well - space save bonus. No trailer maintenance to worry about as well.

I did this with a cartopper stored on a box trailer for a while, and it worked out a treat - heaps of storage space in the trailer for anything and everything and I could bring the kayak along as well if I wanted. Best I ever did was the tinnie, outboard, supplies for 4 people and 2 full size kayaks on a trip up to Gladstone! anyway, just some food for thought..

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