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Feeding Massive Cod On The Surface !!!!


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You'll recognise this man in the video, perhaps a few years younger though...... :P

This video was captured when he was working as a guide in Cairns many moons ago. I converted these videos from

tape and remastered them - these fish are bloody massive !!!!


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Thanks guys!! There is hours of amazing footage!! Massive GT's, Tuna, Mackerel and more! There even footage of a jack jumping over an exposed snag to hit a surface lure :ohmy:

Just need to convert the film and edit it all

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SWEET!! Hey Manni - are you doing the converting at home?

Sure am Bro - it's not complicated once you work it out but time consuming. For instance you can only import in real time and sometimes frames are missed or each segment is broken down in short periods (25 second blocks) so then you gotta go back stitch it back together or re-import part if it missed some frames & so on, try and stabilize the vid blah blah blah

Actually tape to digital conversion is not cheap - Some places in Brisbane will charge you up to 60 bucks an hour just to transfer the tape to PC/DVD let alone any editing etc... With some tape conversion you can only do it in real time, so 1 hour of footage is 60 bucks etc....

I did some research got the right cables and away I went

That clip was less than 2 minutes but took around 10/15 minutes to fix up and then throw in some editing on top, try and convert the quality as best

as possible and nearly 30/45 minutes has passsed !!!

I've got tonnes of footage but will work through it slowly - some of it is too good not to bring back to life

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Awesome Manni, I'm so glad you can do something with all that footage.

This particular footage was from the Doughboy river on western side of the cape when I was guiding on the Eclipse.

It was a regular thing that all the live aboard boats did. One thing I learnt from experience is that you do not land fish by hand at the side of the boat when hooked up in the deeper water as the grouper often took them.

True Story, once a tipsy fella fell in on dusk whilst feeding them and a Grouper grabbed his leg as he was hopping back onto the mother ship, it was grazed like gravel rash from the knee down. From that day only the owner and guides were allowed to feed them.

Some Lemon sharks also used to come up for a feed in the Jackson river and they enjoyed a scratch with the hard bristle broom.

Anyway, stoked that you've done this Manni, I owe you one ;)

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They are some awesome looking fish. I have seen that with Barra before.

Me too it was awe inspiring to say the least. I was catching and releasing Tarpon, and one didn't fare very well and was floating under the bridge when I saw a big goliath with pink eyes emerge from the deep and have a boof at it him. He missed and I got the chance to see it for a second time. So cool.

Thanks for the video Manni. The chomping sound is amazing.

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