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Moreton Bay snapper/reefies


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G'day fisho's,

I understand if this is a tired and over explained topic, but here goes.

As I'm new to the area I am looking at getting a consensus on which tides you blokes prefer to chase snapper/reefies out in the bay, and if there is a preference for night over day.

I have only caught small snapper 35-40cm on a couple of occasions out there, but I would like to further my chances of getting something a little more sizable. I mainly fish with plastics and hard bodies, in various locations around 3-5m in depth.

Any info will be appreciated.


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i like to fish alot more at night. alot less boat traffic and everything big comes out at night. try the warves at brisbane port in u have an electric. if heading around mud. use more bait at night make sure its fresh and try and get livies if u can. and use a peas sinker at best. hope this helps

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