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78 cm snapper at the rock


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hey guys this post is a few weeks late but thought id throw it up any way. i hadnt been putting any pics up latley as i thought i need the resizer on my new comp but turns out that i didnt. headed out with snaggers a few weeks back out to boat rock with him myself and his son. left at birds fart and stopped at amity to jig up some livies whilst waiting for first light with no luck. so made our way through the bar and it was a fairly good corssing except for about half way out hearing his son say "hey there goes your rod"i turned around and my favourite commbo (a lemax storm legend teamed up with a daiwa tierra 300) had flown out of the rod holder :evil: . oh well theese things happen i guess. once at the rock we see tugger and shane with callum out there as well. first drop of a whole pilly with pea sinker and my daiwa sol starts screaming and my camostick is bent in half. after a few solid runs and a truckload of headshakes i call it for a big snapper and afew minutes later up pops this


unfortunately this was the only keeper for the day but it was a good day out on the water and thanks again snaggers for taking me out.

ps rip lemax storm. on a side note it did go over rigged up with a bait jig so its safe to assume that it in turn caught a yakka that was taken buy a metre long snapper and is now being towed around the rock somwhere :lol:


size had shrunk a lil bit after being on ice all day

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well done jon a nice snapp there. isnt it funny how many times u get a good hookup/fish on the first drop then is quiet!

i now know of at least 2 rod and reel combo's sitting on the bottom of southpassage :whistle: :(

im sure there are plenty more as well!

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