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Local Help Needed Gold Coast


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Hi There,

I am heading to Gold Coast and would like some local help.

I booked into a lake side apartment which seems to be a cool spot for fishing (based on the pictures)

I was told that I could fish off the private balcony of the apartment... I reckon the lake is a freshwater if not brackish?

What sort of fishes can I target and what sort of rigs and baits are recommended?

The apartment is Eagle Reach on the water runawaybay...around Lae Drive ... there's no name to the lake it seems


However with all things commercial I am not too optimistic with this spot but the prospect of fishing off a balcony is really cool...

If this is a lousy spot ... can someone point me to one spot I should NOT miss while in Gold Coast this June (1-9th) ...

Thanks a million peeps!!

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hi mate,

i reckon its probably fresh, doesnt look like there are any drain / pipes which link to the mouth, however i could be wrong, unless there is a drain flow somewhere towards the treeline


as you can see also the lake in the far right bottom, seems that the little river flow from the mouth finishes up also against the treeline on the other side of the lake. There is a small chance that there is a bit of brackish but my money is on fresh but i could be wrong.


eitherway, there should be fish. If not, try fishing in the canal at Runaway bay shopping centre carpark. Heaps of bream and they can be seen during daylight. Madmullet has also been busted off in there by something huge.


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that is the old cable waterski lake. pretty sure the pipe runs under the road, top right corner of lake. water should be at least brackish, but recent rainfall may change that.

there are fish to be caught in there - bait will be the best bet this time of year.


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Hi Guys..

I am back from my trip to GC... and the holiday house by the lake...

Here's some CR although nothing to shout about but it was really fun. I spent a couple of hours at the Southern Breakwall at the spit with a 15cm whole mullet as bait. Something huge grabbed hold of the bait and busted my rod... it broke at the tip and I tried to bring it in but it got snagged at the rocks... damn it! anyways I had fun fishing at the land locked lake fed by pipes... the amazing catch was a huge almost 3kg mudcrab which took my Pillies bait and got hooked on my line and rod... see the pics below...


The butter fish looked horrible... however i realised that it's an eating fish ... anyone tried it before?

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Yeah it was relaxing and fun... by the way i also hooked up a fish which seemed like a Tarpon.. I am not sure if it's a native fish but I didnt manage to land it... I pulled it up and it snapped my line.. the bugger had gnawed through my leader... but it did some aerial stunts while i was bringing it in... look alot like tarpon but i could be wrong...

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