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Fig Tree Pocket


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I am new to this forum as of today and am still finding my way around.

My best mate has just relocated to Fig Tree Pocket which looks to be a very nice part of Brisbane.

Can anuone tell me what the fishing is like there, what can be expected to be caught, what baits etc that may be successful.

Any information would be appreciated for my next visit to Brisbane.



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Gday mate.

If you dont want to travel far from home there is a boat ramp at Fig Tree Pocet. I have fished there many times land based.

That far up the river you will mostly encounter vermin. Catfish, Eels etc. However i have also cauht quite a few bream there as well.

You will also have the chance in summer at the multitude of sharks that come up the river.

Brisbane in general; just look around the site. Everything you see is in very easy driving distance from Fig Tree Poket. The most far flung report would Noosa and thats only 1 1/2 hours, (worth every minuteof that drive). Most are much much closer.

Hope this helps mate.


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Dude its hard to say what you will get cause each year something new apears in the river. The usual suspects like angus said are your bream, catties, mullet and eels. But there are salmon, luderic sharks occasional whiting. In summer the brisbane river really picks up in summer. Regarding baits the best baits are livies if you can get them, mullet, pillies, squid and prawns.


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