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Shimano T-Curve..


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Shimano TCurve T Series SPIN 662 XL 1-3KG

A mate of mine has one for Bream, though he also landed a few sharks and legal jewies on it too.


I got one too and i love it. Use it to chase jewies taylor snapper and tuna.

Good for casting small slugs and plastics.

Go to anaconda atm they got 20% of all shimano rods. Or go to your local tackle shop and ask them to beat anaconda price.

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I was looking around for the 2-5kg T-Curve about a month ago. I couldn't find any store that had one in stock so I settled for the 4-10lb GL2. While I'm happy with the loomis, the first store I walked into after buying it stocked the complete range of T Series rods. Bound to happen. In saying that, a lot of the T-Series rods I have seen in stores are 2 piece which I'm not a fan of.

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