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Fishing reports around Redcliffe area


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Hi guys,

Can anyone let me know how the redcliffe peninsula is fishing of late?

Can you still get crabs this time of year?

Also, Squid......ive got some at wellington point late last year but heard Woody Point is a good spot for them. Can anyone enlighten me? :whistle:



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A couple of weeks ago my son and I fished the platform in the middle of the bridge to Redcliffe and had a crab pot thrown over the side while we were there. It was the outgoing tide and the fishing sucked and jellyfish were very very thick, but a big female muddy crawled into the pot. My son also managed to pull up a huge snarl of somebody's discarded line in which a female sandy was tangled; on top of the female sandy was a legal male who just didn't know when to let go....

So, the crabs are still around but I haven't sen much for squid.

Good Luck,


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