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Though Ive been in Qld for just over 12mths, I havent had a decent time fishing as yet. I dont have access to a boat, so its just down to fishing off beaches and/or jetties.

Anywhere Ive been though has yet to yield any significant results, as all Ive caught so far has been toadfish n catfish!.

I guess I just dont know where to go... So Im hoping someone might hint to a locale where they know real fish frequent that is within 30mins drive of loganholme.

Any and all genuine suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Right on your doorstep in the Logan river. About 3 years ago I lived in Bris for about 6 months and got consistent good results fishing from the banks of the Logan, using big bunches of live beachworms on slack water high tide (in the middle of the week when you have the river almost to yourself)- bream, school jew, whiting, river perch, and even got a grunter. Got bugger all when the tide was running hard though, it was just 30 minute windows of intense action on the slack.

Using any other live bait just got hassled by sharks and catfish, beach worms seemed to be the go.

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