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Mud Island 5/5/2012


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Last week tried to find a day in the week that wasn't predicted for rain. Decided to head out to Mud on Saturday and got all my stuff together. Took 2 10lb braids and a 20lb bait caster. Got to the ramp at 7am to find there wasn't any car parks. Other people must have had the same thought of good weather. Got to luggage point and got nothing from the cast net except for some kind of striped perch thing. So reached Mud at 8 and fished the high at 8:30. First fish was a 25 odd cm snapper just after the turn. Was already happy with that when one rod bent diagonally back in its holder and squealed. After 5-10 minute fight pulled up new PB 41cm squire on 10lb. Was going to take for dinner but preferred to put back into the Bay. Then when we were pulling the anchor dad laughed and pointed at the only rod still left out, bent over, so picked up and pulled in a 27cm squire which finished the day. Will definitely be going back to Mud island.

Cheers Nick




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