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A bit of Skinny Water Exploration


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One of the blokes at work is an avid fisherman and photographer, so we decided to tee up a trip to a new stretch of water on a new system, and see what we could find. Missed a lot of beautiful photo opportunities because we decided to hit them 'on the way back', but ended up walking back along the road as the sun set. Only landed 2 fish, got done a few times in some rough county, he got done twice and dropped one to finish with a donut.

Did manage some (well I think) pretty awesome photos though, so enjoy



This hookup didn't end up so well.



Hookup in some skinny water - pulled drag against the current before doing me on the rocks around to the left

Managed to catch this surface hit - first cast had a soft hit, so decided to whip out the camera and try and get it if it had a crack on the second cast - unfortunately still didn't hook up



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