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Mud island catfish


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Today started out pretty good out at mudisland there was only two other boats apart from me and my dad and it was calm, first bait goes in the water no sooner had i turned around to get some old pilchards to cut up as berly my rod was buckled over :D great start to the morning pulling in a 40cm tailor couple minutes later the same thing happened again this happend four time in the space of 20 minutes we thought it was great. So we kept on fishing for the next 3 hours trying differnet spots and catching a few nice bream a nice sweetlip and some moses pearch.

Then the fish seemed to go dead :/ so we decided to do a few drifts and try our luck we did three drifts with all three being unsuccesfull. So we headed out in to some deeper water about 7-8 metres. through out this drift we found various snags and lost tackle on 4 different rods, and dad decided to re rigge them while i continued to fish.

A coupe minutes later the little dream outfit I was holding with only 6 pound mono on it buckled over and the line was peeling off the spool with ease we were thinking awesome we have a good fish on as it stripped most of the line leaving about 10m on the spool, so dad started the engine and we started to chase this fist down. we chased it for about 20 minutes before getting to see any colour and that was brown :) we thought it was a cobia and before we could see the fish well enough to identify it, it took another screaming run :o so we did the same thing and chasedit down and got it back to the suface, this happend 5 times before we could get it to the boat and when we did we realised it wasn't a cobia or a shark or anything else we had thought but it was a massive Catfish :( (was 82cm long and was 5.5kgs)

This was a dissapointing moment as we had just chased this fish for an hour to find out it was a dirty cat fish :( oh well was great fun on the light gear and my dad and I had a great day out on the water

Cheers Glen

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